The mission of the Lane County COAD is to bring together a broad array of community organizations to foster an effective response to the people of Lane County in times of disaster. Each member organization maintains its own identity and independence yet works closely with other agencies to improve services and eliminate unnecessary duplication. COAD members promote coordination among members to facilitate access to available resources and services. 

The best time to prepare, train, and become acquainted with one another is prior to an actual event. COAD members will work to increase their internal capacity to be ready to respond as indicated in the Letter of Commitment they sign when formally approved for membership at the General Membership Meeting.

COAD members agree to abide by the Lane County COAD Guiding Principles and commit specific resources during a disaster.  It is understood that this does not constitute an obligation, but the intent to follow through as resources and the situation allows. Upon accepting membership, the organization commits to the work of the COAD and contributes to the highest functioning of its members.

COAD Members

Emergency and Health Services

Shelter, Housing, and Food Security

Mental Health, Well-being, and Community Support

Communications, Education, and Utilities

Government and Organizational Partnerships