Lane County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

Lane County COAD is Standing By


The OREM Resilience Hubs and Network Grant is now open for applications! Faith-Based groups are welcome to apply. Please click the link below to apply for the grant. The application closes on April 30.

Informational sessions about the grant application and notice of funding will be hosted by the Office of Resilience and Emergency Management on the dates below. 

What We Do 

The Lane County COAD strives to include organizations within their membership that provide this support as part of their mission. The COAD’s working relationships are achieved through the promotion of cooperation, communication, coordination, and collaboration of member organizations.


No member organization has all of the answers for the challenges communities face. Members treat each other as partners.


Members regularly share their capacities, accomplishments, and commitments.  The COAD maintains good channels for sharing information, listening carefully to each other, and dealing openly with concerns.


COAD members work together towards the goal of effective service to the community.  The COAD will equip members to be coordinated in times of disaster through planning and preparation.


COAD members dedicate themselves to working together. The COAD exists to coordinate member organizations’ activities in relation to emergency response.